Rich R4 Gold Metal Plug - 4.8 Inch - Dark Purple Sapphire

This luxury butt plug will make sure you will experience anal play the way it's meant to be played! 

This specific plug has a sleek design with 3 stimulation beads in graduated widths.The first and smallest one has a diameter of 0.9 inch (2.3 cm.), while the second is much bigger at 1.22 inch (3 cm.) with the third one going down to a 0.8 inch (2 cm) diameter.

These beads make sure you will feel every movement of the plug hitting all the right places!The plug has an insertable length of 4.8 inches (12 cm.) and a well designed end point so it can't slip in further than it's meant to go.

On the bottom of the plug is a beautiful diamond design making sure your partner will love the view!


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