Kink After Care - Raw Dog Cream - 4 Fl. Oz. |

Kink After Care - Raw Dog Cream - 4 Fl. Oz.

SKU: DJ2407-07-BU
You took it like a champ. When youre rubbed raw from a solid CBT session or a good old-fashioned ass ramming, slather on some Raw Dog Ass & Cock Soothing Balm. Formulated with nourishing natural ingredients, Raw Dog soothes and heals the soreness in your most sensitive areas to help you get back in the game faster. Kink by Doc Johnson is an exciting collaboration with to create a collection of high-quality authentic fetish items suitable for long-term practitioners and new initiates alike. 

For Use After Anal Play
Soothes and Heals
Expedites Recovery
Cruelty-Free and Vegan


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