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Jimmyjane Personal Moisturizer Plus

Bring up the rear. This long-lasting lubricant is specially formulated for safe and pleasurable anal play. With carrageenan, one of nature's most effective lubricants, Jimmyjane's PERSONAL MOISTURIZER PLUS offers a high viscosity formula to keep things slippery. Jimmyjane's PERSONAL MOISTURIZER PLUS is body-safe and won't harm latex condoms or accessories. Packaged in a beautiful glass bottle, leave the Jimmyjane PERSONAL MOISTURIZER PLUS on your nightstand or dresser for discreet display within arms reach. Higher viscosity than normal lubricants. Purified water-based formula, easily washable, glycerin-free, Paraben-free, non-staining, unflavored and unscented. Hypoallergenic. Long lasting. 4.2 oz. bottle.


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