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Jimmyjane Form 5

For her, for him, or for us, Jimmyjane FORM 5 takes pleasure to the third power. Two micro-thin, supple wings provide all-encompassing sensation, while the firm pleasure dome in the center features a motor right at its tip to deliver serious vibration. Supple, Spreadable Wings - Span sensitive areas with a fluttering sensation. Pleasure Dome - A powerful motor at the tip for rumbling vibration.
  • Details

    omfortable Size - Fits in the palm of your hand. Intuitive Controls - 5 speeds, 4 pulsation patterns, endless pleasure possibilities. Waterproof - Bath-friendly and completely washable with no leaky adaptor jack. Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free - Medical grade, platinum silicone and stainless steel. Cordless USB Rechargeable - USB cord included. Quiet - For ultimate discretion. Travel-Ready - Good to go with convenient button lock. High Performance Lithium Ion Battery - Runs over 4 hours on single charge. Three Year Limited Warranty - Our commitment to quality.


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