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Pink Kittee by Eunice Hall

Thank you for shopping Pink Kittee by Eunice Hall!

Please come back often for specials, sales, tips and tricks and more. Click here to begin your shopping experience.  If you are ready to book a party, call me now at 773-934-2083 or book online using the link above.

Chicagoland, Eunice is ready to have Covid-free parties with you!

Partying with you is purr pleasure!

Pink Kittee welcomes Eunice Hall 

About Eunice 

I am the youngest daughter to my parents. I am  a wife, mom and grandmother. I've always enjoyed the company of others and ever ready and eager to assist whenever possible. I love to laugh and enjoy life indoors or outdoors. I received my Masters degree in Criminal Justice at Chicago State University. I am here to help and look forward to partying with you soon. #getusome #purrpleasure #pinkkittee.

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